Eoghan O’Leary

About the Author

Eoghan O'Leary is an assistant principal and teacher of Mathematics and Economics at Hamilton High School, Bandon, Co. Cork. His excellence as an educator is reflected by being shortlisted for the award for Irish Teachers of Mathematics in both 2017/18 and 2018/19.
His commitment to Maths teaching extends beyond the classroom. He has lectured in Mathematics Methodologies in U.C.C. and has served in various roles of the Cork branch of the Irish Maths Teachers’ Association (IMTA) committee since 2011 and is currently deputy chairperson of the National Council of the IMTA. 
Eoghan is the founder of and director of education at the Tuition Centre, one of the best-regarded sources of online tuition for students in Ireland. He is creator of Leaving Cert Higher Level mock exams and marking schemes, both with the Tuition Centre and with the Examcraft Group. 

Eoghan O’Leary - Author