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Branding for Schools

Castleknock Community College Crest


Does your school have ten different versions of its crest? Or maybe the only copy you can find on file is a badly pixelated image? We have worked with a number of schools in the past to make up-to-date, crisp and clean vector graphics of their school crests. This provides the school with full colour, one-colour and black and white versions of their school crest. The benefit is that all of their communications now have a consistency! The exact same graphic is used on the letterhead, journal cover, prospectus and school journal. 

Branding for schools is becoming more and more important as parents decide where to send their children, looking professional and consistent is critical as decerning parents look for the very best schools.

We recently worked with Castleknock Community College on their new school website - read the article here and see the CCC website here. Following on from this successful project we worked with them again to bring their school branding a step further. We had taken the various encarnations of their school crest and made one single version to use. We took that design and applied it to their brand new letterheads and compliment slips. Now CCC are benefiting from consistantcy across their communication channels. When you get a letter from the school or you look at their website, it all looks familiar! It has CCC style stamped all over it. 

Castleknock Community College Stationery