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Primary Customised Homework Diary

The hardback customised Homework Diary is available to tailor a school’s diary to their specific needs. Schools have the option of adding their school crest along with their school name and information on the cover. Inside the diary, customised content can be added in blocks of 4, 8, 12 or 16 pages. Customisation is only available for the Premium Diary and the Dialann Obhair Bhaile.

Customised diaries are printed over the summer and will be delivered in August 2019. The closing date for receiving customised content for diaries is the 28th June, 2019.

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Customised Cover Designs

Customised full-colour cover

Create a unique full-colour cover design. Suggestions for covers include images of the school, student artwork, or school murals or ask for a unique design from our talented graphic designers.

Colour crest overprint

Feature your school crest and information in full colour across the front and back cover.

Black and white overprint

Feature your school crest and information in black and white overprint on the bottom section of the cover of the homework diary.


Customised pages

Communicate important school information to students and their parents/guardians by adding customised pages to your diary. Include 4, 8, 12 or 16 pages of content such as school rules, lunch policy, school calendar etc. The customised pages will be placed at the beginning of the diary and are available in full colour or black and white.

Order a 2-year supply and save

Ordering a 2-year supply of customised diaries will save the school and parents even more money.  E.g. 100 diaries + 4 pages of content = €4.50 per diary.
200 diaries + 4 pages of content = €3.95 per diary, saving your school €110.
Ordering a 2-year supply of customised homework diaries is ideal for schools with fewer than 100 students and for schools where customised content does not change every year. Call and see how much your school can save on customised diaries.

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