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How do I purchase an e-book?

Please note, you can only purchase one copy of any e-book at the checkout. If you wish to purchase multiple e-books (for a class group for example), please call us on 01-808 1494 and we can facilitate an easier way to bulk-buy e-books.

  1. Select the e-book you wish to purchase and "add to cart"
  2. Go to the checkout (if you have a coupon you will be able to apply it at the checkout)
  3. Process your payment as normal


How do I view an e-book after I have purchased it?

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account
  2. Click on "My Account" in the top right hand corner
  3. Click "My Digital Library" which will give you access to any e-books you have purchased along with and any other digital resources available with it each title
  4. Cick "View" under the ebook you want to read and it will open in the browser window
  5. You can view your ebook in full screen mode by clicking the fullscreen icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Can I purchase multiple copies of an e-book for my students or staff?

Yes you can but each individual will need to register for their own account

We can then provide you with access codes to allow them to purchase the e-books

Call us on 01-808 1494 to arrange a bulk purchase of e-books


Can I download the e-book as a PDF?

No, the e-book is only available in the browser window.


Can I view the e-book on my device (phone/tablet)?

Yes, you will need internet access and a web browser installed on your phone, simply log into your account and open your library.