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Learning to Learn Programme – Student Workbook

The Learning to Learn workbook is aimed at embedding a culture of leaning and study in Schools as part of the well-being provision at Junior Cycle.

This workbook may be used to accompany the Learning to Learn programme delivered by teachers or used independently by the young person.

Each chapter is characterised by being learner centred and experiential, with relevant practical exercises from across the range of Junior Cycle Subjects. Opportunity is provided at the end of each lesson and at the end of each section for each student to reflect on their learning and their development of the Junior Cycle key Skills.

The programme is divided into four key sections supporting the student’s progress through the Junior Cycle.

  • Transitioning and Learning
  • Goal setting and learning
  • Learning and Assessment Preparation
  • The Study Journal- a study management and organisational tool


The Learning to Learn workbook is of benefit to students because:

  • It is a practical programme supporting student learning as they progress through the Junior Cycle
  • Students learn and develop practical skills relevant to the broad range of subjects which they are studying at Junior Cycle
  • Student feel more confident as learners by being more connected, engaged and reflective in the learning process
  • Students are provided with practical study and revision systems to aid them in preparation for assessments
  • Develop resilience, self-management, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Reflect on their own learning, experiences and personal journey to date
  • Create opportunities to practise well-being and mindfulness activities


"Providing greater student support ownership and involvement in the learning process is fundamental to improved Learning outcomes".

Reporting in Junior Cycle, NCCA



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