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Irish History Charts

FULL SET includes 16 Topics with 20 charts in total - Available in Irish and English.

30% OFF Full Set Orders

Irish Irregular Verb Wallcharts

Irish Irregular Verb Charts are used to support students in learning the 11 irregular verbs in a fun and interactive way through story.

60% OFF Full Set Orders

Preparation for Confirmation

Preparation for Confirmation provides a complete preparation programme for Confirmation and is designed to support any Confirmation preparation setting.

25% OFF

Communication Diary

The Communication Diary is a resource specifically designed to allow schools to communicate on a daily basis the progress of each individual child.

25% OFF

My Primary School Days book

A novel way for 6th class pupils graduating from primary school to gather memories from their days in school.

25% OFF

Vocabulary Cards

Uniquely designed bi-lingual vocabulary cards support theme-based teaching and can be used across a range of subject areas.

50% OFF Full Set Orders