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Stepping Up Induction Booklet

Stepping Up is an easy-to-use induction programme for incoming First Year students. It is designed to make the transition from primary to secondary school as easy as possible by providing guidance and exercises on the most common issues faced by pupils and schools.

Covering the Basics

There are seven standard modules that cover the full range of typical concerns for students as they become familiar with life in second level education.

Each module is filled with practical and relevant information. Pupils are engaged with worksheets for individual tasks and group discussions.

Seven Modules

  • Coping with Change
  • New School, New Expectations, New Organisational Skills
  • Improving Learning from Homework and Study
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • New Friends and Relationships
  • Being Safe and Healthy in School
  • New Subjects and Thinking



Every school is unique which is why we can add an extra section to your Stepping Up Handbooks to introduce your new students to the finer details about life at your school.

We can even personalise the cover of your handbook with your school name and crest for an authentic induction!

  • 68 pages of full-colour educational content, worksheets and group activities.
  • Easy to use colour coded modules
  • Option to add your school’s customised content (black and white)
  • Option to customise the standard coverdesign by adding your school name and crest, or altermatively, we can design a completely customised cover for you.

The Stepping Up Induction Programme is based on the NBSS Belonging Plus Learning Behaviour Programme.


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