Customised Homework Diary

The 4schools customised homework diary allows you to communicate the culture and unique identity of your school.

The customised diary contains all the updated content of the premium diary, but schools have the option to add a customised cover and customised pages.

Your school’s homework diary is key in supporting your pupils’ learning and progress. Your students use their diaries every day and having it customised increases the value your students place on their diary.


  • A5 size with durable thread-sewn binding and full-colour paperback cover
  • Customised content can be added in blocks of 4, 8, 12 or 16 pages to the front of the diary, with a variety of cover options available to schools (see below)
  • Full-colour, 40-week diary spread with space for notes to/from teacher each week and a daily parent/guardian sign-off
  • Space to record pupil, school, and emergency contact details
  • School timetable
  • 34 pages of homework support across Literacy, Numeracy, Gaeilge, SESE and SPHE, with additional engaging content and activities based on the themes of growth mindset, wellbeing, and sustainability
  • Diary spread contains weekly affirmations, a reminders section, student reflections and more space for recording homework.
  • 20 pages of perforated notes, including absence notes and permission slips
  • Payments record and book rental scheme recorder
  • Dry-wipe whiteboard for pupils to work out tricky sums – and much, much more!

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Customised Cover Designs

Black and white overprint with your school name and school crest

Colour overprint with your school crest and school name beneath

Customised full-colour cover with an image of your school

Customised cover with your students’ artwork

Customised pages

Customised content can be added in blocks of 4, 8, 12 or 16 pages. Schools can decide what they would like included to communicate the culture of their school or share important school policies and information with students and parents.

The customised pages are placed at the beginning of the diary and are available in full colour or black and white.

Customised diaries are printed over the summer and will be delivered to your school in August. The closing date for submitting customised content for diaries is the end of June.

Order a 2-year supply and save

Ordering a 2-year supply of customised homework diaries is ideal for schools with fewer than 100 students and for schools where customised content does not change every year. Call and see how much your school can save on customised diaries.

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