Let's Stand Primary

Empower your students with communication skills that build their confidence and self-belief to achieve their goals in learning and life. 

LET’s Stand, Listen, Evaluate, Talk and Stand – is a public speaking and oral language programme for primary schools. The structured programme facilitates the explicit development of listening, speaking and evaluating skills, along with 12 public speaking skills.  

LET’s Stand is the first ever public speaking programme designed specifically for Irish students. The programme integrates the elements of the Primary Language Curriculum, with opportunities for students to practise oral language, reading and writing skills in each lesson. Teachers can confidently meet the learning outcomes of the PLC while helping their students to structure their speeches under the six main writing genres. 
We all know that student who has so much to offer to classroom discussion but often lacks the confidence to share their opinions. LET's Stand empowers these students with the skills to have their voices heard.

Implementing the programme as a primary educational resource in your school

  • There are ten projects in each of the four student workbooks, with an additional two projects in Irish to allow students to practice these skills during Irish lessons.
  • The books follow a sequence, where students are introduced to three skills in workbook A, adding three more skills as they move on to the next workbook and finishing up with having the twelve public speaking skills in the final workbook, D.
  • The programme is designed to be flexible, so if a school decides to pick up the programme in any class, they can easily revisit the skills taught in previous workbooks using the teacher manual and online programme resources.
  • Teachers may choose to take a topic a month and integrate it across other curricular areas where improved listening skills, competent speaking skills and/or oracy skills may be of additional benefit.
  • Student choice is a key feature, where students may choose a topic or decide how long they wish to speak for.
  • Participating primary students receive a certificate of completion to aid motivation and confidence to build communication skills through to secondary school and beyond.