Make it Happen - A Success Guide for Teenagers

Make it Happen: A Success Guide for Teenagers, is aimed directly at teenagers, enabling them to achieve their goals. This is the first book in the personal development space which is specifically targeted at teenagers. Through story, powerful questions, and self-reflection this attractive and eye-catching book clearly shows how thoughts and beliefs influence actions and therefore results. While this book is designed specifically for teenagers, it will also be valuable for parents and teachers, who wish to get the best from young adults. 'Make it Happen' is young, vibrant and engaging. It is developed around the concept of a TV programme allowing the young people to 'Channel Hop', or 'Replay' and like many current TV programmes, the 'Reality Bites' section should prove popular with young people. Make it Happen focuses on the SUPER Success System and shows the young people how to implement it in their lives to achieve what they want to be, do or have. Technical and informative notes are interspersed with real-life stories and examples of Make it Happen’s strategies in practice, thus ensuring the book remains fast paced and varied. Modern day success stories such as U2 and the X-Factor feature to emphasise points. This book will be an invaluable guide to any young person that wants to 'Make It Happen'.