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Keyword Journal

Literacy in Schools

Irish teachers have identified poor literacy as one of the key reasons why young people under-perform, drop out of school and often end up unemployed. The issue of student literacy is not the responsibility of any one individual teacher within a school – it can’t be – there has to be a whole school approach to ensure that young people have the literacy skills to succeed in our society. The National Strategy for Literacy and Numeracy addresses this issue and in response to this has developed a key resource for schools.


The New Keyword Journal – A Tool to Help Your Students

We asked Irish teachers what was the best way to respond to this need. Working collaboratively with them we developed a Keyword Journal which will help schools with the implementation of a whole school literacy strategy for students. Students can record all the keywords associated with each of their curricular subjects in the journal.


Quick & Easy to Use

This journal lasts for up to three years giving students a single point of reference for important keywords for each particular subject. This is particularly useful, as it allows for easy reference and as the key to remembering new information is brief and frequent review, this journal will support the whole-school approach to literacy.  


What Inside?

  • 24 pages of supporting educational content developed by Irish teachers to support literacy initiatives in your school. This includes information on active reading, note taking techniques and very useful grammar rules which are illustrated with examples.
  • The journal is full colour and has 10 colour-coded subject sections with tabs which makes it very easy to access information. Each subject section has space to record over 250 keywords and their meaning.
  • Sample keywords are provided for  English, Geography, History and CSPE.
  • A robust B5 size, hardback cover means that this journal will stand up to wear and tear.

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Parents and students can order their Keyword Journals online below. Schools who want to place an order for year groups can do so by calling 01-8081494.

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