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Literacy Logbook Page

An Invaluable Curricular Resource

The Literacy Logbook incorporates the aims and principles of the Primary School Curriculum, and reflects the content objectives in an integrated and cross-curricular manner that allows for differentiation for all levels of ability.

It allows children to become active agents in their own learning through enabling them to build on their existing knowledge and experience in order to form new learning.

Department of Education Guidelines

In accordance with aims of The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy this book will enable pupils to develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills, thus allowing them to derive meaning from text; it also incorporates learning strategies that develop the pupils’ higher-order thinking skill. 

Department’s School Self-Evaluation Guidelines: this book will enhance the pupils’ skills to communicate ideas and experiences, fluently and confidently, through the development of an expansive vocabulary. Pupils will learn the skills to write fluently and legibly in a variety of genres for a range of audiences and to gain an appropriate standard of spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation.

This book also supports the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment’s (NCCA) guidelines for self-assessment strategies in the primary school. “Developing self-assessment skills and regular use of portfolios, rubrics and learning logs, empowers children as communicators of assessment information - information to which teachers can respond” (NCCA, 2007).

About the Author

Mary McDowell has taught in schools in Dublin and Kildare since 2001.  She is currently a teaching principal in Scoil Naomh Mhuire, Staplestown, Co Kildare.  Prior to teaching, Mary worked for a number of years for a national newspaper, organising various educational events for primary, secondary and third level students.

Structure of the Literacy Logbook

The eight chapters are laid out in a structure that reflects the flexibility of the curriculum in allowing the school and the teacher to plan learning experiences that are appropriate to the individual needs of the child and the class.


Quotes from pupils:

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