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Transition Year Portfolio

Transition year allows students to become more self-directed and reflective learners. The Transition Year Portfolio is designed specifically to support this form of learning. However, self-directed learning can be challenging, even for the brightest and most motivated students. The TY Portfolio provides students with a framework to:

  • Assess their readiness for self-directed learning
  • Identify their strengths as learners
  • Set appropriate learning goals for themselves based on their strengths
  • Evaluate and reflect on each learning opportunity, which will influence their future learning and direction.

The evaluation of learning is done by reflecting on learning activities through the programme and end-of-term reviews, where the learner reflects on their overall achievements during the term. They measure their success against their stated and agreed learning outcomes for the year.

My School

This section of the portfolio can include information which is specific to your particular school. There an additional charge for adding content.

Transition Year

This gives a high-level overview of transition year, its aims and purpose as well as outlining the key sections of the portfolio and how to use it.

Key Learning, Skills and Tools

This outlines the key elements of the transition year programme and highlights the importance of self-learning as part of this process. In this section students evaluate their:

  • Readiness for self-directed learning
  • Intelligences
  • Based on this students set goals for themselves for the year.

Let’s reflect; Let’s evaluate

This section contains engaging reflective elements on:

  • Activities and projects
  • Trips and excursions
  • Work experience
  • Community work
  • Guest speakers.


This section contains the end of term and end of year reviews. Students relate their achievements during the term to the learning goals which they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. They reflect on achievements and highlight areas where further work is required.

Assessments and Certificates

Any certificates which students receive can be stored here along with any formal school assessments which are conducted during the year.

Portfolio of Excellence

Examples of outstanding work are stored in the portfolio of excellence. The examples of exemplary work are divided into:

  • Core subjects
  • Subject sampling
  • Optional subjects

Student Day Book

The portfolio is accompanied by a B5 Student Day Book

  • Record classwork, homework and assignments
  • Reflect on their weekly learning
  • Plan future learning objectives
  • Communicate between the home and school.

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