History Charts

Make the teaching of Irish history easy with 4Schools wall charts. 

4Schools Irish History charts are an ideal resource to support teachers teaching Irish history. 

This  primary teaching resource  is designed to make the recall of historical events easier for students with bullet points, historical images, clear headings, and are laid out in chronological order.

The comprehensive history charts can be used as a teaching resource and visual display to support students in recalling the key learning points of important Irish historical events, and key figures in Irish history. All history charts are available in Irish. 

Includes 16 Topics

Key events in Irish history: 
The Irish Famine
The 1913 Lockout
The 1916 Easter Rising
The War of Independence (two charts) 
The Anglo-Irish Treaty (two charts) 
The Irish Civil War (two charts) 
Northern Ireland

A Timeline of Irish History 

Key figures in Irish history:
Daniel O' Connell
Charles Stewart Parnell
James Connolly
Eamon de Valera
Countess Markievicz
Michael Collins
Mary Robinson 
Presidents of Ireland