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Acing Your NQT Year


Acing Your NQT Year - A Practical Guide and Resources for Primary Teachers is a comprehensive guidebook for newly qualifed teachers or teachers looking for new ideas in the classroom. 

It covers all aspects of teaching, including Droichead, planning, assessment, differentiation, behaviour management, parent-teacher meetings, school tours, working with children with additional needs and much, much more! 

Part two of the book contains lesson notes, plans, resources, and templates to actively support teachers in the classroom. All resources can be shared with students from the 4schools online resource library or teachers may wish to photocopy templates. 

The author, Múinteoir Valerie, engages with and supports thousands of teachers on her social media accounts and through her website, which gives her a unique insight into the challenges teachers face in today’s classrooms. She decided to compile this book to equip new teachers with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the challenging world of teaching. 

Valerie Mullen

About the Author

Acing Your NQT Year was created by Valerie Mullen, an experienced primary school teacher. She has taught in all settings, including mainstream, ASD classes,  and SET.
Valerie has always had an interest in supporting student teachers and newly qualified teachers, and has done so through her educational website, www.muinteoirvalerie.com, for the past nine years.
Múinteoir Valerie is one of the leading platforms in Ireland for teachers to find encouragement, support and teaching ideas and resources. Valerie has supported and encouraged countless teachers throughout the years, through social media, webinars and through her website. This book was written in response to the many messages Valerie receives from teachers asking for support. Her unique insight on issues and challenges teachers are facing, and being a teacher in the classroom herself, made Valerie realise the need for a practical teaching guide, with resources and templates to make the teacher’s life easier in a busy classroom. 

Valerie Mullen - Author

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