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A Guide to Primary School Interviews (e-Book)


Múinteoir Valerie has teamed up with 4schools to publish the third edition of her ever-popular book, 'A Guide to Primary School Interviews'. 
This book will guide you through the interview process, covering the standard application form and the letter of application in great detail. A wide range of questions with in-depth sample answers are provided in both English and Irish.
The interview guide covers the importance of first impressions, researching the school, questions to ask the interviewing panel and an interview checklist. Also included are interviews carried out with three principals covering what they look for in a candidate.
There is a selection of questions for those applying for principalships, including sample criteria, along with a section on interviewing for an ASD class or a special school. The guide also covers preparing for interview in an Educate Together School, posts of responsibility interviews, and re-interviewing in the same school. Essentially, it covers everything you need to know for interviewing, regardless of your current career stage. 

Valerie Mullen

About the Author

A Guide to Primary School Interviews was created by Valerie Mullen, an experienced primary school teacher. She has taught in all settings, including mainstream, ASD class setting, and SET.
Valerie has always had an interest in supporting student teachers and newly qualified teachers, and has done so through her educational website, www.múinteoirvalerie.com, for the past nine years.
Múinteoir Valerie is one of the leading platforms in Ireland for teachers to find encouragement, support and teaching ideas and resources. Valerie wrote this book four years ago to support NQTs through the interview process, as there was a huge need for such a product at the time. Since then, it has proven to be a best seller every year and has received countless positive reviews. 

Valerie Mullen - Author

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