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Junior Cycle Skills Journal – Teacher Manual

  • With few programmes available for teachers to use during form class time, the Junior Cycle Skills, Reflection, Evaluation and Planning Journal is designed to help teachers in supporting their students to develop new skills and use form classes productively.
  • The aim of the programme is to provide structured learning during tutor time through bite-sized activities that maintain constant focus on the Key Skills of the Junior Cycle and the Indicators of Wellbeing.
  • The teacher manual outlines everything that is required to deliver a unit of learning and is structured in such a way that any member of staff could deliver the programme.
  • Each chapter of the journal focuses on one of the eight key skills and is supported with the learning intentions and lesson guidelines for each chapter in the teacher manual.
  • The layout of each chapter follows the same structure where teachers are guided to encourage students to reflect, evaluate, engage in an activity based on a key skill, plan for the week ahead and revise the skill they have learned and practiced.
  • The teacher manual is free for schools that adopt the programme, otherwise it is €10.


€ 10.00