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Junior Cycle Success - Business


Junior Cycle Success – Business provides a concise and complete coverage of the Junior Cycle Business course. Each strand is covered in detail – Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy. The CBAs are examined in depth, with helpful tips to assist students.

The authors have adopted a topic-based approach to the course, with key exam topics covered in detail, e.g., the Savvy Consumer, Insurance, World of Work, the Bookkeeping Cycle and much more.

Each topic is presented using student-friendly language and visually appealing diagrams and graphics. In order to give students confidence prior to the exam, sample questions and answers are provided in SEC format.

Additional online resources are accessible through the use of QR codes throughout the textbook. 

Rachael Biddulph

About the Author

Rachael is a teacher of Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle Business and Maths at Dominican College, D9. She has examined both Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle Business as well as providing revision seminars for students. 

Rachael Biddulph - Author
Lisa Young

About the Author

Lisa is a teacher of Leaving and Junior Cycle Business and Geography at Salerno Secondary School, Galway. Lisa is the co-author of Enterprise, a Junior Cycle textbook. Lisa has many years’ experience of teaching Junior Cycle Business Studies. Both Rachael and Lisa have provided many workshops on teaching and learning methodologies for teachers of the business subjects. 

Lisa Young - Author

The Junior Cycle Success series reduces a student’s stress by:

•    Giving them an overview of the course and what they have to learn
•    Showing them how to prepare for their CBAs and final exam
•    Breaking each subject down into manageable topics 
•    Giving sample questions and answers for each topic
•    Using easy-to-follow language and graphics
•    Providing QR codes to access additional online resources 

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