Learning to Learn Student Workbook (e-Book) (Version 2)

The Super Generation

The Learning to Learn programme provides students with the cognitive and emotional awareness tools to support them on their journey through the Junior Cycle. The overall purpose of the programme is to create confident, connected and engaged learners. 

This updated and revised edition follows on from the success of the first edition being taught in schools throughout Ireland since 2017, and it builds on the feedback of the schools and teachers involved.

Along with a greater emphasis on the cognitive and emotional awareness that students need to succeed, the indicators for wellbeing are now included in each chapter. 

The programme is structured so that there is a balance between development of subject knowledge, thinking abilities and key life skills, helping students to understand themselves better in order to succeed in learning and life. 


The programme is divided into sections to reflect the students’ journey through the Junior Cycle. Each lesson is characterised by being learner centred, with an opportunity for reflection at the end. 

Section 1: Transitioning and Learning: Supports students in settling into secondary school by sharing with them simple skills to connect more with what is happening around them.

Section 2: Motivation and Learning: Focuses on the power of motivation, enabling students to recognise their strengths and set goals for success along with sharing with them our highly recommended study and revision system.

Section 3: Assessment and Learning: Develops students’ emotional awareness and resilience to better cope with challenges and stress and establish practical coping strategies.

Study Journal: Found at end of the student workbook, this is a results-focused time management tool to increase students’ productivity, effectiveness and application to their studies.

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