Learning to Learn Teacher Manual - Version 2

The Learning to Learn programme provides students with the cognitive and emotional awareness tools to support them on their journey through the Junior Cycle. The overall purpose of the programme is to create confident, connected and engaged learners. 

The teacher manual accompanying the Learning to Learn student programme contains the following:

  • Theory and knowledge underpinning the programme
  • Outline of the programme structure 
  • Relevant connection to the curriculum 
  • Accompanying layout and format for each lesson
  • Explanation of teaching pedagogy and approach, with over 16 teaching methodologies included to support collaborative learning in the areas of discussion, paired and group work, and ICT use.
  • Blank paired and group work activity sheets

Overview of the programme 

The programme is divided into sections to reflect the students’ journey through the Junior Cycle. Each lesson is characterised by being learner centred, with an opportunity for reflection at the end. 

Section 1 Transitioning and Learning: Supports students in settling into secondary school by sharing with them simple skills to connect more with what is happening around them.

Section 2 Motivation and Learning: Focuses on the power of motivation, enabling students to recognise their strengths and set goals for success along with sharing with them our highly recommended study and revision system.

Section 3 Resilience and Learning: Develops students’ emotional awareness and resilience to better cope with challenges and stress and establish practical coping strategies.

Study Journal Found at end of the student workbook, this is a results-focused time management tool to increase students’ productivity, effectiveness and application to their studies.

Feidhlim Ó Seasnáin

About the Author

Feidhlim Ó Seasnáin is a qualified secondary school teacher and manager of the Super Generation, with years of experience in supporting young people to succeed in their learning and life.

Feidhlim Ó Seasnáin - Author
Louise Platt

About the Author

Louise Platt is a qualified Guidance Counsellor and part-time lecturer in Guidance Counselling, Louise works both with groups of young people and individuals supporting them to reach their potential. 

Louise Platt - Author

Recommended guide to delivering the programme in your school

•    Contributes to 100 hours of wellbeing for Junior Cycle students
•    Structured to follow the student’s journey through the Junior Cycle 
•    Designed with flexibility in mind, allowing schools to plan the delivery of the programme in a format that suits their school’s needs
•    May be delivered by subject teachers, guidance counsellors and members of the school’s pastoral and student support team