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LET’s Stand is an oral language, public speaking and communication programme designed to enhance students’ oracy skills so they can communicate with confidence and conviction. The 40-hour structured programme facilitates the explicit development of speaking and listening skills in students, which are essential for success in both learning and life.

To develop public speaking / oracy competency, students require regular opportunities to practise the skills of listening, evaluating and speaking. The Junior Cycle and Transition Year offer the ideal space to develop these skills in a supportive environment where students are encouraged to learn about, practise and build the 12 skills which contribute to effective communication.  Public speaking is a transferrable skill that supports a student’s self-image and well-being. Schools may wish to use the programme to support student well-being.

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Listen to Siobhán Fitzgerald speaking about why see developed the LET's Stand programme. 


Structure and Key Skills of the LET's Stand programme

  • The Student Workbook allows the student to develop their speech writing ability by providing a framework to write speeches with clarity of intention. There are 20 suggested project titles for students to explore and practise their public speaking skills.
  • The Teacher Manual is a comprehensive guide to support the teacher in delivering the programme. It includes a suggested scheme of work, detailed lesson plans, powerful speeches and inspirational quotes along with an assessment rubric, teacher recording templates and a student certificate of completion.


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