Let's Stand Workbook B - Primary
Let's Stand Workbook B - Primary
Let's Stand Workbook B - Primary
Let's Stand Workbook B - Primary
Let's Stand Workbook B - Primary

Let's Stand Workbook B - Primary


LET’s Stand Listen, Evaluate, Talk and Stand - is a structured public speaking and oral language programme for primary schools. 

The structured programme facilitates the explicit development of listening, speaking and evaluating skills, along with 12 public speaking skills. 

Workbook B, entilted BRAVE begins the public speaking journey by teaching the students the skills of:
Hand Gestures
Prop/ Visual Aid 

The workbooks are designed for senior primary students.
Workbook B was developed for 4th class students, but may be used with a more junior or senior class based on the needs of the school using the programme. 



Features of the Programme

  • This specialist communication programme for Irish students consists of four student workbooks, one teacher manual and online resources to support the teaching of the programme.
  • Student workbooks are designed to encourage, support and motivate students with engaging ‘Speaker’s Stories’, illustrations and writing frames to guide students on their public speaking journey.
  • The programme facilitates the integration of lessons across all areas of the curriculum, with students having the option to develop speeches around SESE, STEAM and the Arts.
  • The workbooks have QR codes linking to a variety of famous speeches from speakers around the world to inspire and motivate students.
  • The programme caters for students who find writing a challenge, with visual aids to allow them to structure what they would like to say.
  • Evaluation cards encourage students to develop their listening and evaluation skills while offering feedback to their classmates in the form of peer assessment. Students are also encouraged to evaluate their own speeches and progress.
  • Participating primary students receive a certificate of completion to aid motivation and confidence to build communication skills through to secondary school and beyond.
Dr. Siobhán Keegan Fitzgerald

About the Author

Dr. Siobhán Fitzgerald is a primary school principal and has been teaching for 30 years. Siobhán is passionate about giving young people a voice. She has taught in Japan, Saudi Arabia, France and Switzerland. Based on her research and experience, she developed the LET’s Stand programme and has seen the benefits from the years she has used the programme with her students. She completed her PhD on the connection between oracy and self-confidence in young people.
Siobhán is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold and a TEDx speaker. She has recorded her own series of podcasts, ‘LET’s Stand Public Speaking podcast – Speaking Up about Speaking Out’, to give voice to the public speaking potential of young people and to support teachers in beginning the public speaking journey with their students. 

Dr. Siobhán Keegan Fitzgerald - Author

Implementing the programme as a primary educational resource in your school

  • There are ten projects in each of the four student workbooks, with an additional two projects in Irish to allow students to practice these skills during Irish lessons.
  • The books follow a sequence, where students are introduced to three skills in workbook A, adding three more skills as they move on to the next workbook and finishing up with having the twelve public speaking skills in the final workbook, D.
  • The programme is designed to be flexible, so if a school decides to pick up the programme in any class, they can easily revisit the skills taught in previous workbooks using the teacher manual and online programme resources.
  • Teachers may choose to take a topic a month and integrate it across other curricular areas where improved listening skills, competent speaking skills and/or oracy skills may be of additional benefit.
  • Student choice is a key feature, where students may choose a topic or decide how long they wish to speak for. 

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