Parents' Handbook: Supporting your Maths Student, Carol Guildea & Brendan Guildea


In this book we attempt to: Enhance the skills a parent/guardian requires to support a student on the maths journey through second level. Give no nonsense, clear, practical advice. Assist in the quest to boost the student’s self-esteem and fulfil their potential in the State Examinations. Explain the maths journey the students are undertaking. Illustrate gender differences that give insight into how to support each gender type. Brendan Guildea is one of Ireland's leading maths teachers. He presents revision seminars for students and in-service courses for teachers throughout the country. He features regularly in the media, leading discussions on the teaching of Maths, the Mathematics syllabus and the state examinations. He also teaches DEIS students under Trinity College Access Program. On Eir's "StudyHub", he presents a selection of lessons based on the "New Concise Project Maths" textbooks for secondary schools and the most recent exam questions. He is a co-author of this very popular six-book series. Brendan is also the co-author of an eight book series of maths revision for all levels in the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams under the hugely popular banner of: “Less Stress, More Success” published by Gill. Carol Guildea has developed a career as a full time Guidance Counsellor since graduating with a Masters Degree in Education Guidance and Counselling from Trinity College Dublin in 2006. In her capacity as Guidance Counsellor, Carol has worked in a variety of different schools across the spectrum at second level. She has gained experience in the areas of personal counselling and guiding students through the processes of college applications in Ireland, UK, USA and Europe. In addition she has made a significant contribution as proofreader for the eight books in the revision series “Less Stress, More Success”.