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Primary Teacher Planner for Special Education Classes


The Primary Teacher Planner for Special Education Classes is a planning and record book designed specifically for teachers teaching in autism–specific classes, special schools, and other special classes. 

It was designed by a teacher of an ASD class with the aim of serving as an effective planning companion and organisational tool for the busy working lives of special class teachers. 

The planner consists of:

  • Photocopiable templates to support teachers in recording and tracking pupil information, including:
    - ABC charts 
    - Pupil passports
    - Behaviour frequency trackers
    - Meeting records
    - Continuum of Support  reference pages 
  • Carefully planned weekly and monthly notes pages
  • Easily accessible and useful contacts and websites

Benefits of the SET Planner for planning and teaching pupils with additional needs 

  • Maintains daily records of events, activities and class lessons in one place 
  • Efficient and effective tool for meetings with parents, colleagues and outside agencies
  • Key organisational resource for the teacher that uses it as they liaise with all persons involved in the education of the pupils in their care as well as supporting them in keeping track of the various pupils needs in their class.

Recommended guide to using the SET Planner 

  • In some parts of this planner, six copies of a page are given. This is to facilitate six-pupil special classes. However, these pages can be copied for educational purposes should an SET teacher, for example, require more copies. The same applies should a special class teacher require extra space for recording.
  • You will notice spaces to insert pupil names and details in certain parts of the planner. Pupil initials or other identifiers should be used. Confidential pupil information should always be recorded in line with the GDPR policy of your school.
  • One copy of the NCSE School Support Plans has been included as a template and guide but should not be completed and/or stored in this planner, as this document is a confidential pupil record.

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