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Resilience and Me is a collection of stories from the students of Tallaght Community School. The publication came about back in September 2020 when students were returning to school after the extended closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Melanie Martin, a teacher at the school encouraged her students to reflect on a time they showed resilience in their lives to enable students to draw upon their own resources as they embraced a new and challenging school year.

Melanie was moved by what the students expressed; from stories of racism to the loss of a loved one, to more light hearted stories like failing a theory test. Along with her colleague Leah O’Shaughnessy, they decided to co-create a collection of stories from the resilient and inspiring students of Tallaght Community School.

The students at Tallaght Community School have shared their stories in the hope that anyone reading the book may be helped in some small way. There is something for everyone whether you are young or old within the collection of stories.

All proceeds go to the authors’ nominated charities, WALK and JIGSAW.

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Melanie Martin is an English, Philosophy and R.E. teacher in Tallaght Community School. Melanie is passionate about the area of Wellbeing and is the Wellbeing Coordinator in Tallaght Community school. Melanie has worked in the education sector for 8 years and is passionate about education.

Melanie Martin - Author

Leah O’Shaughnessy is a Religion, History and C.S.P.E. teacher in Tallaght Community School. Leah Coordinates the Leaving Certificate Applied programme in TCS and is passionate about the role of LCA in Tallaght Community School and the power of education. Leah has worked in the education sector for 5 years.

Leah O’Shaughnessy - Author

The Stories

The stories will resonate with young people and adults from all walks of life and are a celebration of the students from Tallaght Community School, both past and present. The spirit, strength and shared sense of community is experienced on every page of this book.

Every young person at some stage of their life will be faced with a situation that they will struggle to overcome and may find themselves momentarily ill-equipped to cope. Reading the stories of other young people who may have experienced similar struggles, it is hoped, will support them in learning to talk about what is happening for them and use the tools they see on these pages to build resilience.




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