Sight and Sounds Book B
Sight and Sounds Book B

Sight and Sounds Book B


Sight & Sounds Book B is a follow-on book, which builds on the skills developed in Sight & Sounds Book A.

It offers additional and more complex phonics, blending, initial and final consonant blends, and sight words to continue the progress and success of young readers.

The letters are offered in both lower and upper cases, again with an accompanying illustration.

Jade Louise Byrne

About the Author

The Sight & Sounds Books and the Blending Cards were designed by Jade Louise Byrne. Jade Louise is an experienced primary school teacher. She has thirteen years’ experience teaching in a DEIS 1 school with eight of these years spent teaching infant classes.
Jade Louise is passionate about teaching infant classes and has a keen interest in playful learning experiences and literacy. She believes that every child should be given the opportunity to develop their literacy skills through accessible learning in school and at home.
Jade Louise is currently studying a M.Ed. in Maynooth University based on playful language experiences in the infant classroom.

Jade Louise Byrne - Author

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