Ways to Well-Being Programme – Student Workbook
Ways to Well-Being Programme – Student Workbook

Ways to Well-Being Programme – Student Workbook

The Super Generation

Young people are living in a world filled with more choice and opportunity than any previous generation. However, this choice and opportunity brings challenges and from time to time unfulfilled expectations for students, which all impacts upon their sense of wellbeing.

This updated international version of the Ways to Well-Being programme is designed for senior cycle students, giving them the confidence, motivation and resilience to develop the mindset to deal with this increasingly challenging world. 

The predominant theme of the programme is the fundamental relationship the young person has with life. Research has shown that the happier a student is, the more successful they will be in their studies. 


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There are over 100 hours of teaching material contained in the programme and it is suitable for use with students from transition year right through to sixth year, with ample content. 

The lesson plans, stories and accompanying notes are not designed to be prescriptive; rather, the workbook has been designed in such a way that a teacher may decide to follow it through or else dip in and out of it and even build upon its contents through student discussions and activities. 

The workbook is intended to be a document that charts the students’ personal thoughts, opinions and beliefs at important junctions in their lives. The material is designed to be engaging, interactive, and experiential and uses examples from within the students’ framework of reference. 

John Doran

About the Author

John Doran is a secondary teacher and guidance counsellor with over 25 years’ experience working with young people. He is passionate about the transformative power of education to disrupt poverty and help young people do all that they can, with all that they have, in the time that they have got, in the space that they are in.
John speaks to management bodies, businesses, education trusts, teachers, parents and students on the topics of resilience, EQ, wellbeing in the workplace, stress management, and maximizing performance, both nationally and internationally. He is a TED speaker and a media contributor

John Doran - Author

The programme is designed to engage students in understanding the five key relationship areas in their lives to improve mental health and wellbeing:

1.    Relationship with Myself. Focuses on the students developing a sense of themselves and introduces them to the concept of mindfulness.
2.    Relationship with Emotions.Helps students to develop a growing awareness of and ability to relate to their emotions while empathising with the emotions of others. 
3.    Relationship with Mindset, Meaning and Purpose. Explores the beliefs and attitudes of the students and the influence these have on their subsequent achievement.
4.    Relationship with Past, Present and Future. Reviews the concept of time and enables students to savour the positive experiences that enrich their lives and overall wellbeing. 
5.    Relationship with Personality, Talent and Performance. Examines various personality types and how these affect interactions. Explores motivation strategies and establishes the environment to perform.