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           Culture has often been described as what happens when nobody is looking, and, like any organisation, schools are no different. A student’s ability to feel supported outside the classroom is just as important as when they are participating in class-based learning and school activities.
4Schools’ Student Learning Journal has taken student journals to the next level through thoughtful analysis and engagement with students and schools, focusing on what is needed to support and motivate a student to achieve their academic and life potential during post-primary school. We have carefully considered how our journals can support the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of your students, incorporating these four elements of wellbeing throughout your Student Learning Journal.


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The Importance of the Student Voice    

           We know that the more included and involved a student feels in their school community, the more active and motivated they become. When a student’s voice is heard, they feel valued and committed to making a positive impact in their school environment.  This year’s theme of ‘Be the Change’ was chosen following consultation with the Students Council at Ashbourne Community College. The quotes we have included in your journal were as a result of a collaboration between 4Schools and the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union, who also co-created a number of new features
This year, we ran the Student Voice Project, where we invited students throughout the country to submit illustrations that could be incorporated into the cover design of this year’s
Student Learning Journals on the theme of 'Be the Change’. We received inspirational drawings from over 100 students to create the four covers of this year’s journals. The images we received represent the ambitions, desires and hopes of students today, along with their worries and concerns.
It is our vision that this year's journal will inspire and
encourage your students to use their voice to ‘Be the Change’ they wish to see in their class, school, community, country and the world around them.  We believe that the #StudentVoiceProject is an example of how we have the power to be a leader and make a positive impact, both in our own life and in the lives of others.


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4Schools' edit and design process is intuitive and professional. The journals are durable and visually attractive, while the generic content is both relevant and useful to students.

Oliver Deneher - Deputy Principal, St Aidan’s CBS, Whitehall, Dublin 9

Being a new school, I thought organising the journal would be a big job and might take a large chunk of time over the summer holidays, but I was surprised how easy and incredibly smooth the process was and the journals arrived bang on time. We were very happy with the journals.

Matthew Quinn - Deputy Principal, Goatstown Educate Together Secondary School, Dublin 14

I enjoyed the process of updating our student journals and found 4Schools an absolute pleasure to deal with. There were plenty of updates to be made and they were great.

Mary Dooley - Deputy Principal, Presentation Secondary School, Wexford







Contemporary design, which increases student engagement and helps position your school as being modern, progressive and student-centred. The year, the Student Voice project gave us the unique opportunity to collaborate with students all over Ireland to design the 2021/2022 journal covers.

Modules designed to support your students’ learning

The modular nature of our journals means that you can select the components which will best support learning in your school. Being able to fully customise your student journal ensures that all the key school policy information for students and parents is included. A key aspect for many schools is that our journal is a useful resource during tutor time or a free period. There is a wide variety of educational activities that students can complete independently in class.

Thematic approach

Our modules and diary core are student focused, with the theme of ‘Be the Change’ embedded throughout and weekly quotes supporting Wellbeing, the Key Skills and Sustainable Development Goals.

We look after you

Each school will receive a dedicated account manager who will guide, support and manage the process of creating your school’s journal. This ensures you get exactly what you want, with clear and consistent communication. Our customers regularly report how smooth and enjoyable the process is and the satisfaction they get from creating a customised journal for their school.

On Time

We deliver on time, reducing your stress at the beginning of the school year.