Ar Aghaidh Leat
Ar Aghaidh Leat
Ar Aghaidh Leat
Ar Aghaidh Leat

Ar Aghaidh Leat

A comprehensive reference book for planning and teaching Irish lessons in primary schools

Ar Aghaidh Leat is a bilingual reference book designed specifically for teachers in primary schools or parents supporting their child in developing the Irish language in the home. It provides an invaluable compilation of vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, writing and presentation skills to support the delivery of the Primary Language Curriculum.

It was developed by an experienced primary school teacher with the aim of enabling teachers to plan Irish lessons with proven teaching methodologies that reflect the diversity of their students' language experience.

Ar Aghaidh Leat aims to consolidate aspects of the three strands of the New Primary Language Curriculum. Within these strands are elements that describe essential language learning: developing communicative relationships through language, understanding the content and structure of language, and exploring and using language.


Benefits of Ar Aghaidh Leat for planning and teaching primary-level Irish lessons
•    One-stop-shop primary school teaching resource for all the vocabulary associated with the 10 themes of the Primary Language Curriculum
•    All your grammar questions answered and supports the teaching of tricky grammatical points to students
•    Guidance on teaching sentence structure and writing stories on a variety of events/ occasions
•    Provides key terminology for oral presentations, debates, and written reports
•    Includes games, activities and useful worksheets to support the learning of Irish

Dr. Yvonne Malone Fahy

About the Author

Yvonne is a primary teacher who is passionate about the teaching of the Irish language. She has been teaching in Co. Tipperary for 15 years. Having tried various Irish programmes in her school, she found she was still sourcing material to plan and teach Irish lessons on a weekly basis. Yvonne felt that there was no resource in the market with all the vocabulary and grammar in one place for teachers to reference when delivering the Primary Language Curriculum.

During lockdown, Yvonne compiled all the vocabulary associated with the 10 themes in the Irish Curriculum along with all the grammar points teachers need to know to support their students. She continued collating comprehension, presentation and writing guides for teaching Irish. Yvonne planned Ar Aghaidh Leat to support a classroom of students with varied levels of Irish, thus helping teachers to differentiate lessons for varying student abilities.


Dr. Yvonne Malone Fahy - Author


•    Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)
•    Teachers looking for a single resource to support differentiated instruction in the classroom
•    Parents who wish to support their children with their written and oral language skills at home

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