Dealing with Data (e-Book)

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Brought to you by the team behind the “Pol-Soc Podcast” and “A Little Bit of Media Analysis”, Dealing With Data aims to help students and teachers integrate their study of data and case studies within the broader Politics and Society subject specification. The core skills of the Data-Based Question are supplemented with examples of how qualitative and quantitative data are used as evidence within discursive essay writing.

Dr. Jerome Devitt

About the Author

Dr Jerome Devitt has been teaching at The King’s Hospital boarding school since 2004 and at the Institute of Education, Leeson Street, since 2018. As one of the pilot teachers of the new subject, Jerome has been emersed in “Politics & Society” since its inauguration in 2016 through his work as the first Chairperson of the Politics & Society Teachers’ Association of Ireland and as an organiser of and contributor to numerous CPD events for teachers.

He graduated with a BA in Drama and English from Trinity College Dublin in 2001 before earning his Higher Diploma in Education in 2005 and his MA in Military History in 2009. His Doctoral Dissertation, was awarded in 2018 and examined the Sociology of Counter-Insurgency and State Power in 19th Century Ireland.

Dr. Jerome Devitt - Author

It is also designed to help students to ‘box smart’ by demonstrating how the same sample DBQs presented with the book can double up as some of the case studies that they will then need to illustrate the footprint of the course’s Key Thinkers, Key Concepts, and Key Institutions.
Each data concept is examined through relevant illustrations and sample questions, with strategies to address the questions in an exam context. Whether it’s authorship, methodology, sampling, or visual representations of data, this book aims to help the ‘novice’ gain a fundamental grasp of how data works both in our society and on our course!
Key Concepts and short questions
16 sample Data-Based Questions (4 OL, 12 HL),
“Worked Examples” answers for past questions
Links to further digital case studies and the ‘Data Log Tables’.