Vital Leaving Cert Guide - Biology Experiments (e-Book)

McAndrew Books

Want a comprehensive guide and assessments for the 21 prescribed experiments for Leaving Cert Biology? Well, then, this is the book for you!
This book contains:
•    a step-by-step guide on how to conduct each of the experiments, along with an explanation for each step.
•    positive results given for each experiment.
•    a subsequent series of comprehensive questions that assesses your knowledge and provides the ultimate preparation for the exam.
Pretty important when the experiments account for a minimum of 15% of the paper each year.

Róisín Doyle

About the Author

Róisín Doyle is a fully qualified Biology teacher since 2009, achieving a 1st in her degree. 
She has been teaching Biology at the Institute of Education, Dublin, since 2013, has worked with the State Examinations Commission for several years, and has authored mock papers for Examcraft from 2017- 2021.
Róisín has also taught International Baccalaureate Biology in the United Arab Emirates. 
In the 2023 Leaving Cert, 40% of Róisín’s students achieved an H1 in Biology.

Róisín Doyle - Author