Vital Leaving Cert Guide - Politics & Society: Definitions & Key Thinkers

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This book aims to provide an A-Z guide of the key terms and thinkers on the Politics and Society Leaving Cert course. It is a quick, easy, helpful and relevant guide to the Politics and Society course. It will help with all the assessment aspects of the paper, too.

Paul McAndrew

About the Author

Paul McAndrew has been teaching Leaving Cert Religious Education since 2006. He currently teaches Leaving Cert Religious Education and Politics & Society at The Institute of Education, Dublin, having taught there since 2012.

He has a Master's Degree in Theology from the University of Wales and a Graduate Diploma in Education from DCU. 

Paul worked for the State Examinations Commission from 2017 to 2019.  He has been the organiser and main teacher at the Religion Revision Day, in association with Trinity College - Dublin School of Religions from 2015 to 2022.

Paul is also the founder of McAndrew Books, having written, co-written and published seven of his own Leaving Cert educational books so far.

Paul McAndrew - Author

Why choose our Vital Leaving Cert Guidebook to Politics and Society Definitions?

Comprehensive Coverage - Our guide covers all the key terms and thinkers you need to know for the Politics and Society Leaving Cert course. No more stressing over missing important concepts or ideas!

Quick and Easy Reference - With our A-Z Guide, you can quickly find the necessary information and refer to it whenever necessary. Save time and stay organized!

Relevant and Helpful - We understand the challenges of studying Politics and Society. That's why our guide focuses on providing relevant and helpful information for exam preparation.

Concise - The amount of material you need to know for Politics and Society is vast. That's why we launched this book: to give you the essentials you need to excel in your exam. This makes your study sessions both better informed as well as more efficient.